Who can apply to go on a WCA Tour?

Teens between the age 13-18 are eligible to apply to tour with WCA. WCA is a match for teens that are interested in exploring the world, curious about other lands and cultures, eager to learn more about themselves, excited to make new friends and have new experiences.

Why are we unique?

World Citizens is a educational program! We want to develop change makers who have the ability to analyze some of society's biggest challenges with an empathetic understanding and awareness of cultural and environmental differences.  In order to develop the change makers of tomorrow, our program focuses on competencies that are cultivated from life experience and that match up to global employer needs; 

  • Empathy, 

  • Intercultural Communication, and 

  • Emotional Intelligence

We blend the WCA educational program with global travel, cultural experiences, college campus tours, introductions to global employers and lots of fun!

Can students register and travel alone?

Yes.  We encourage students to join us independently.  Once you join us, you are not alone.  We encourage parents to learn more about us because we believe that you will feel comfortable allowing your son/daughter join their peers in WCA. Travel is rewarding and we encourage collaborative experiences.  Since our tour groups are small, it makes it easier to socialize and make new friends. No one feels alone because we are each others anchor of support.

Do you have a “sibling” discount?

Absolutely!  If you have a sibling or other family member that will enjoy coming along, there is a 20% discount.  Please let us know immediately so that we can apply the appropriate discount and make appropriate accommodations, if necessary.

Where do we stay?

All locations are centrally located so that we can safely access transportation to planned activities.  Depending on location, we may stay in a family-oriented hostel, a bed & breakfast or chain hotel.  Accommodations may include triple, quad or dorm style rooms with assigned rooms by gender. Mentors DO NOT stay in student rooms.

For safety reasons, we never publish the names of the accommodations we use.  Full details are provided only to the student, parents and/or guardians. 

Do you welcome Homeschool Groups?

Absolutely! We support the option to homeschool. If you are a homeschool group leader in your community, why not get eight or more students commitment and apply to be a WCA Tour Mentor. Our Mentor’s travel gain professional experience while enjoying international travel for free.

Can anyone attend a WCA Tour?

We do not discriminate. With that understanding, we keep two factors at the center of all decisions: 1) Safety and 2) Overall Experience.

Our Mentors undergo a background check, WCA Training that includes safety precautions and protocols. They are also required to be certified in CPR and First Aid.  We hire responsible individuals who are on board with our Mission and strongly believe in our core values.

What is a typical group size?

Our groups are typically 8:1 per Mentor. We are a boutique style company which means we focus on giving personalized attention and a transformational experience to all of our young travelers. By having an assigned Mentor to smaller groups we have a more hands on approach and you have a better travel experience.

Do we get “free” time?

While we may have times when a smaller group may break out, we are always together.  Even when we may have "free" time for shopping, we are still in a group of at least three or more with no breaks in connection to the Tour Director and other Mentors.  Basically, we are always connected.

How do you keep track of everyone in the Tour Group?

We want parents to feel confident that their son/daughter is safe.  For an added sense of security, we offer individual GPS trackers for anyone who is interested.  Please ask for more information. 

Absolutely! We are a family and we promote family travel. We do expect, however, that you allow your son/daughter to be grouped with their peers so that they can get the full WCA experience. For lodging, Mentors and Parents have the option of individual rooms or pairing up with another Adult. We encourage parents and/or guardians to apply to be a Mentor.

Can parents and/or guardians accompany their child?

The Founder is a parent! “I wanted to create a program that I would send my own child on. We’ve all heard the stories about students being unchaperoned, drinking, wandering away from the group in a strange city, poor accommodations, etc. As a parent, I want to trust who my child is traveling with and I want to know that he/she are safe. I care for your child like they are my own!

How do you address parental concerns?