10 Days in Lucerne, SWITZERLAND

UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch - and -
Mt. Pilatus

The Biosphere School is under the patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO and has been recognized as an "activity of the World Decade Education for Sustainable Development".

WCA students will take part in projects that connect them with nature and help them understand the importance of the sustainability of natural resources. Exploring the most beautiful parts of this part of the world and engaging in cultural courses will have a lasting impact. Be ready to walk, hike, bike, swim, cook, climb, camp whatever your group desires and depending the season, it is all possible. Students will learn about culture for international college students and ride the oldest cogwheel train to the top of Mt. Pilatus, where the legend and myth of dragons still exist and the natural beauty of the Alps will leave you speechless.

In this tour students enroll for the World Citizens Pre-Work prior to departure so that hey are prepared for international travel and the most customary protocols of Switzerland.  Upon evaluation of the Post-Work assignment, students are issued a Certificate of Completion and are designated WCA Alumni.



Last day is not lost in traveling home
Family style travel
Extra-Curricula program
Cultural Experience
CTE Qualified
Small group size
Certified Mentors
Certificate Awarded


Average Cost*

Reserve a spot for only $500

Excursion Fees
Ground Transportation

*cost may vary depending on departure city

**In most cases, lodging will have free WIFI



“Travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer.”