The idea of World Citizens started at the 4 (Y)Our Kids Learning Center in Brooklyn, NY, then evolved into a course I taught in NYC Public Schools and today it has culminated into World Citizens Academy.

About the Founder

Arnitha Webb is the Founder and CEO at World Citizens Academy. By managing the tours for clients in the education and business sectors, Arnitha has a unique position on both sides which bridges the gap between education and employment.

Since 2003, Arnitha has been instrumental in training and developing learning content for transformational learning experiences. She has been awarded contracts with the Women's Bureau, Department of Labor and have helped clients like HSBC Bank, Milberg LLP and The City of New York (DHS) with various levels of change management and employment transition programs.

Arnitha received her Masters in Teaching from Pace University in New York City, a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Communications in Adult Learning from Empire State College and is pursuing a PhD from Capella University.

Fun Facts: Arnitha loves watching NFL Football games, traveling and socializing with people who are inspired about life and learning.  

About WCA

We are a bridge between High School and College; giving students opportunities to travel and learn about college life abroad and career choices. Our model focuses on a blend of literacy activities, culture immersion, and reflection. With well thought out essential questions posed to increase critical thinking to improve students overall academic abilities.

We’ve all heard the stories about students being unchaperoned, drinking, wandering away from the group in a strange city, poor accommodations, etc. As a parent, I want to trust who my child is traveling with and I want to know that he/she are safe. I care for your child like they are my own! Our Mentors are Leaders in their profession/community and our groups are intentionally small. I will never compromise our safety, accommodations or travel plans for expediency.
— Arnitha Webb, Founder

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