About Our Pedagogy

Our pedagogy is experiential and transformational learning that gives students guidance and resources to explore and develop their own thesis and ideas for solutions. We support high academic expectations for high school, college and beyond.

Standards & Expectations

High level vocabulary and essential questions guide critical thinking, discussions and writing

  • required pre-work

  • Required text

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Letter of recommendation available upon request


Core Competencies

We are purposely focused on primary core competencies that global corporations seek in candidates

  • Empathy

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence

Student Profile

We look for evidence of high academic ability/potential and/or achievement and/or creativity

  • 9th - 12th grades

  • 2.7 and above GPA

  • Application Essay

  • Accommodations for students with special needs upon request


Mentor Profile

We love professionals from all sectors of industry who can share their time

  • Genuine interest in mentoring youth

  • Positive, outgoing, flexible, upbeat personality

  • Ability to relate to teens

  • Ability toi maintain leadership role

  • Able to pass background and fingerprint check

  • A problem solver