We are committed to engaging students and raising academic achievement so that they can be college ready.

We believe...

college ready

That talents are going unnurtured and undiscovered in young people all across the world.  In response,  our goal is to facilitate project based programs that bridge Education to personal development and the Global Workplace.  Starting with High Schoolers we hope to provide inspiration and insight that will broaden their perspective about the world and how they see themselves in it.   


We believe that high school students that are exposed to real world scenarios find themselves within the greater context of what it means to be human.  The outcome is an increase in self-determined, college bound students who are better prepared to reach their goals. 


We believe that the core competencies,  Empathy,  Intercultural Communication, and Emotional Intelligence are critical not only for professional success but also for the positive progression needed to address humanitarian issues. 

Education is not just about grades. Educating is about helping students learn how to think, reason, relate and resolve issues.
— Arnitha Webb, Founder


A leader is inside waiting to be touched by purpose so that it has a path to follow.  We infuse belief in students by guiding them through international travel experiences and connecting them to new resources.


Nothing is more impactful than an emotional and physical experience.  This is why we take our students out of their familiar environment to experience other cultures.



The acquisition of knowledge is only part of the battle.  To compete in a global economy, the ability to receive, critically process and relay new ideas and thoughts is a skill that requires awareness of history and culture.


Small groups allow us to have a more meaningful experience.  In addition, our chaperones are professionals from many sectors of business including, education and healthcare.



Under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), WCA implements a consistent procedure to explore possible coverage and reasonable accommodations, such as auxiliary aids and services, academic adjustments, and classroom and housing accommodations. 

Families who are interested in exploring our procedure for possible accommodations under the ADA should contact us to discuss.  Our programs fundamentally reach all types of learners but we go a step further in providing an inclusive educational experience.  We have experienced Special Education professionals who are knowledgeable about differentiating materials for learners that are classified under several of the IDEA categories (i.e., hearing impairment, orthopedic impairment, visual impairment).  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have in this area.